New Massey Ferguson 2855M Cab Tractor/Loader

Massey Ferguson 2800 M Series tractors are designed with power users in mind, like contractors, growers and commercial operators. They come with features that enhance convenience and ease of operation to save you time and give you the versatility you need to handle any task your day serves up.
EASY ACCESS TO FUEL AND MAINTENANCE: Service points are all easily accessible from ground level. Fuel fill-ups are convenient thanks to the ground-accessible fuel-tank filler.
REAR PTO SWITCH: A rear-mounted stationary PTO switch makes it easy to engage and disengage the PTO from the rear of the tractor — a very handy feature when you’re using an auger, wood splitter or generator.
QUICK-ATTACH LOADER: Removing your loader is a cinch with the M Series Quick-Attach loader feature.
TURBOCHARGED DIESEL POWER: At the heart of every MF 2800 M Series tractor is a 2.43-liter 4-cylinder Iseki diesel engine. These engines are turbocharged for extra power, are liquid-cooled and offer direct fuel injection for high efficiency and exceptional fuel economy. They also provide the torque reserve that lets you lug down without stalling — and keep pace when the going gets tough.
TORQUE RESERVE YOU NEED: MF 2800 M Series tractors provide the torque reserve that lets you lug down without stalling — and keep pace when the going gets tough. Extra power at lower RPM allows you to throttle back and run the engine at lower speeds, reducing noise and causing less wear and tear on your engine.
The power shuttle gear transmission features four synchronized gears and three-speed ranges, giving you 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds. The power shuttle lets you find just the right speed for the job at hand — to as low as a ¼ mile per hour for planting vegetables or moving fragile loads, and up to a brisk 15 mph transport speed.
MORE POWER TO THE GROUND: With a solid cast rear-end and front axle, the MF M Series offers plenty of weight for tackling heavy-duty jobs, giving you more stability on uneven ground and boosting performance with heavier implements and attachments.
SIMPLE IMPLEMENT HOOKUP: A standard rear 3-point Cat I or I/II hitch offers generous lift capacities and easy implement hookups.

Common rail direct injection, electronic engine management Engine Type Emissions Control - Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
Turbocharged Liguid Cooled
Gross Horsepower 48.8 hp (36.4 kW) @ 2,600 rpm
Iseki 4 cyl Engine
Displacement2.43 l
Fuel Tank Capacity14.0 gal. (53 l)
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