New Massey Ferguson 6713 Cab Tractor/FL3819 Loader

The new Massey Ferguson® 6700 Series tractors are unlike any mid-range we’ve ever built before, engineered from the ground up, then tested in the harshest conditions around the world, for more powerful, versatile, long-lasting operation. These machines are purpose-built to provide unmatched lift capacity and the power to pull heavier implements through the toughest jobs, with the next-level comfort of our deluxe cab and features.
All of our tractor components are built together, so they work better together. Giving you greater performance and durability when you need it most.
Our 12 x 12 Synchro Power Shuttle gives you a more comfortable ride and less operator fatigue. And it allows directional changes to be made with no clutch, just by moving the lever.
Front Axle Suspension
The Massey Ferguson-designed and built suspension is completely integrated into the tractor for maximum comfort and maneuverability. It maximizes ground clearance and gives the operator a better turning angle and angle of oscillation.
AGCO Power™ 4-Cylinder 4.4L Engine
The Tier 4 Final engine provides unmatched power, with advanced technology that meets emissions requirements, saves time and makes for easy maintenance. And with no need for a DPF, power is available whenever you need it without compromising fuel efficiency.
The 6700 Series is the heaviest tractor in our mid-range class. It’s designed to handle larger, heavier implements and even the most demanding applications.
Tight Turning Radius
Sometimes you need to work in confined spaces. These tractors feature a tighter turning radius for easier maneuverability with better stability.
Three-Point Hitch
There’s virtually no limit to the range of implements you can put behind these tractors. Two gear pumps power the simple, open-center hydraulic system, and a heavy-duty three-point hitch helps provide a rear lifting capacity of nearly 9,390 lbs.
The 2WD axle option offers reduced weight and greater maneuverability, with five alternate track-width settings to accommodate your crop or field. While a hydraulic controlled differential lock on the 4WD axle ensures drive is evenly distributed to both wheels for better traction and greater stability.
A standard 540/540E/1000 PTO allows you to use a variety of implements, no matter what the application may be.
Ease of Use
The 6700 Series is engineered for comfortable, long-lasting operation. With features that make it so easy to use, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.
These tractors feature a stylish, roomy cab with mounted grab rails for easy entry and a flat floor design. Ergonomically-placed controls and an adjustable spring tension-control seat make this our most comfortable cab yet.
Setup & Information Screen (SIS) Full-Color Dash
The large, non-polarized dash enhances visibility and resolution in a simple-to-navigate system. You can adjust tractor functions and settings right on the screen, without the need for an additional console.
All major tractor functions, including changing direction, changing speeds, declutching and operating the loader, are handled by the joystick. The operator doesn’t have to change hand positions to change speed or gears, maximizing comfort.
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